Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aran Skill Quest Guide

Req.lvl is 13 I think
You will see you have only 2 skills when you advance to an Aran to get the 3rd skills which is combo ability you must do a quest. First do all the quests that are required for an Aran to do the combo ability quest. First you go to Rien and talk to a penguin called Ruo. When you talk to Ruo you will get a quest where you must kill 30 pigs. If you killed 30 pigs go back to Ruo and talk to him. Congratulations you got combo ability.

Req. level is 22
In order to get the pole arm booster you must do all the quests for your Aran. To check if you have done all this go to your quest options and see the quests that say you must do. You must do all the quests to do the pole arm booster quest. First go talk to Lirin to start the quest. When you talk to Lirin talk to her again and you will get polearm booster. Congratulations you got the last skill for 1st job Aran.

Req. level 31
Now it’s time for polearm mastery! Remember you can only get this skill when you are level 31. Do all the Aran quests to continue to this quest. At level 31 go to Tuho at Lith Harbor information center. When you go in the map there will be the puppet master which captured Tuho. Talk to the puppet master and battle him. When you beat him talk to Tuho and you will get polearm mastery. CONGRATS ON POLEARM MASTERY!

Req. level 37
Remember at level 31 when you got polearm mastery? By the time your level 35 you are now ready for another skill called Drain. (Sorry guys I forgot how to do this quest but as soon as I get more information I will write about it)

Req level 45
It’s been already 10 levels and now you’re getting a new skill. This skill you get at level 45 is called combo smash. It’s kind of hard to do this quest. Go to orbis and you will get a message from Tuho from the lith harbor information center. After you is done talking talk to Lisa. Now you will have to go to a hidden street close to sky road in orbis. Go in there and kill the Nependeths and pick up the drops (forgot how many). When you are done collecting everything go back to Lisa and complete the quest. Go to sky road this person’s house and do the quest. You have 10minutes to do this weird jump quest kind of thing. Talk to digos when you arrive to a map and kill him! Go back to the house in sky road and complete the quest. Go back to Tuho in Lith Harbor information center and he will tell you to talk to Lirin at Rien. When you talk to her you will get the Combo Smash! CONGRATS again!

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